150-200 words writing about seabird

In this discussion post, complete the following prompts, keeping in mind what is and what isn’t a reliable source of information:

  1. Pick one (1) seabird species and tell us where it is found in the world. If you aren’t sure what seabird species to do, just do a Google search for ‘seabird species’; looking at the image and video search results can be a way to find really cool ones! (2 pts)
  2. Tell us three cool facts about that species – whatever you found to be interesting! (3 pts)
  3. In one or two sentences, tell us one way in which seabirds are culturally important – this may be to any culture, and does not need to relate specifically to the species you chose.  Also include a link to where you found your information (3 pts)
  4. Post a picture of that species or video of that species (not sure how to do that? Go here to learn (Links to an external site.)!) (2 pts)

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