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Although TESLA is most firmly implanted in the public consciousness as a pioneer and as a major player in the electric car space, in fact, GENERAL MOTORS also is a very serious entrant. The company’s CRUISE unit is addressing unmet emerging market opportunities in electric vehicles and self-driving vehicles.

Since CRUISE is a GM subsidiary, it does not trade separately in the open market.  Estimation of its value arises in many contexts. The first is the annual test of goodwill impairment. The second is the very real possibility of going public…i.e., a spin-off IPO. You can make up any context that seems interesting to you. Your task is to be a financial economist, or an accounting firm, or an investment bank, or a commercial bank, or an underwriter or a law firm involved in creating a valuation report to be used in the goodwill impairment test section of GM’s annual 10-K report, or in negotiations such as the 2020 link-up with an electric truck manuafacturer, SEC registration or the going public public process.

 Based on the above information, when valuing  GENERAL MOTORS CRUISE UNIT (SELF-DRIVING AND ELECTRIC VEHICLES SUBSIDIARY)  what sources could one consult to set or estimate the WACC, as well as size and industry risk premia? By sources, I mean things like Duff and Phelps, Yahoo Finance, i.e., places where you will look,  to develop your answers. There are no free websites that give WACC. The sources I am talking about are ways to ascertain outstanding bonds, # of shares outstanding, rates on bonds.

Please make sure you expand on the sources with some description of each, and how a student can access each.

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