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Prompt 2 – Chapter 14: Retention Management

Firing an employee has numerous potential negative organizational consequences, including the discomfort of the supervisor who delivers the termination information, conflict or sabotage from the departing employee, and the potential for a lawsuit. In response, many supervisors provide problem employees unpleasant work tasks, reduced working hours, or otherwise negatively modify their jobs in hopes that the problem employees will simply quit. What are the ethical issues raised by this strategy?

I have 8 discussions that i need completed along with responses to

I have 8 discussions that I need completed along with responses to two classmates for each discussion to be completed by 4/12/2022. The initial post should be a minimum of 250 words and the replies to two other classmates must be a minimum of a 150 word response. I need discussions 5-12 completed. The link below will be for discussion 5, unless you find a better article. I will add the link to the discussion and books once the assignment has been assigned.

For discussion 5:


Introduction this summary and quote outline consists of



This summary and quote outline consists of approximately nine themes, chapter summaries, and quotes in Dashka Slater’s, The 57 Bus. The book explores gender, class, race, identity, and incarceration as it details life from two distinct families, from very different parts of Oakland. The book’s approach is journalistic and about a real-life occurrence on November 4, 2013, in Oakland, California. The city is portrayed as being culturally and racially diverse. The major themes mentioned include diversity, inequality, discrimination, gender identification, community, binaries, forgiveness, and adult versus adolescent crimes. In terms of identity and the justice system, Slater also explores the limitations of binaries and endeavors to investigate to effects of the attack on the lives of both the offender and the victim and as well as whole Oakland communities. 

Information technology and organizational learning assignment:

Complete the following question in 2 pages (one for each) and adhere to APA-7 formatting standard

  1. Review the section on Establishing a Security Culture.  Review the methods to reduce the chances of a cyber threat noted in the textbook.  Research other peer-reviewed source and note additional methods to reduce cyber-attacks within an organization.
  2. Review the section on the IT leader in the digital transformation era.  Note how IT professionals and especially leaders must transform their thinking to adapt to the constantly changing organizational climate.  What are some methods or resources leaders can utilize to enhance their change attitude?

Article/Section for each question attached in word file 
Style: APA-7 strictly 
Number of pages: 2 (one for each question/article)
Supporting articles: course + at least 2 additional scholarly articles

Consider the challenges discussed in this qualitative study ?


Please read the following study:

Rehana Khalil, Ali E. Mansour, Walaa A. Fadda, Khaled Almisnid, Mohammed Aldamegh, Abdullah Al-Nafeesah, Azzam Alkhalifah, & Osama Al-Wutayd. (2020). The sudden transition to synchronized online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic in Saudi Arabia: a qualitative study exploring medical students’ perspectives. BMC Medical Education, 20(1), 1–10. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12909-020-02208-z

Consider the challenges discussed in this qualitative study, propose any changes you would make in the study design or additional comments you would offer regarding your experiences during the pandemic while attending online courses and how it aligns with the study findings.   

Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, use at least three peer reviewed articles and cite them to support your statements.

Discuss how healthcare reform can result in improved health ?

Discuss how healthcare reform can result in improved health for the citizens within the healthcare provider’s service area.  Discuss the reforms needed to ensure that healthcare reaches all citizens who need it, including vulnerable populations.  Discuss the connection between the obligation to provide care and the obligation to control costs? What reforms can be made to support both sets of obligations?

Support your statements with logic and argument, citing at least three sources referenced. 

Self-assessment & reflection assignment | Education homework help

You will describe your awareness of leadership in literacy by analyzing your previous learning experiences and explaining how these experiences have expanded your previous knowledge base.  As a part of the self-assessment and reflection, you will:

a) reflect on your personal progress toward leadership in literacy and synthesize your depth of knowledge and creativity of thought to address literacy issues and concerns;

b) describe your goals and objectives for increasing knowledge and skills during graduate study;

c) describe the kinds of learning experiences that have prepared you to be competent in literacy.

5 full pages, APA Format – The 5 pages do not count the title page

W4 reflection | Philosophy homework help

Your reflection should be a minimum of 2.5-3 pages (MLA format). In a document saved in Word or PDF, answer or elaborate on the following (you may  use one paragraph for each numbered set of questions: for example, one paragraph for number one, etc.):

1. Overview: In your own words, explain what you learned this week from the textbook readings or from the course assignments (discussion, reading journals, etc.). If someone asked you what you studied this week, what could you tell that person? 

2. Project: What did you learn about yourself while completing the project? Are you frustrated with the material or with the topic you chose? Are you proud of yourself for reading real philosophy? 

3. Philosopher: Tell whether you like the philosopher you chose for your project topic. Would you be friends with this person? What questions do you wish you could ask him/her?

4. Reflection: Is there anything you read or learned this week that has made you rethink your ideas or views on an issue? Did you have conversations about the material with friends or family members?

5. Clarification: Is there any concept that just does not make sense to you or that needs clarification?

Link to textbook and topics for the week https://www.oercommons.org/courses/words-of-wisdom-intro-to-philosophy


34.Jeremy Bentham

35.John Stuart Mill

56.Peter Singer, “Effective Altruism” from TED Talks

Appraisal project real estate valuation


Prepare an appraisal report on one subject residential real estate property. The report should present a thorough discussion and analysis of the valuation for the assigned subject project based on sales comparison approach (Please refer to the ppt on “Sales Comparison Approach” for more information about it). Your main job is to collect the information of newly listed subject property and the information of 3-4 recent sold properties similar to subject property (comparables) from the websites. Then conduct a thorough analysis of the subject property’s value using sales comparison approach. The relevant information on subject property and comparable properties could be found at the website providing information on real estate transactions.

Formatting: The report should be approximately 15-20 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font.

At minimum, the report must include:

(1) a Title page,

(2) a Table of Contents,

(3) an Executive Summary [a ½ to ¾ page overall summary of the points raised in the paper],

(4) an Introduction—setting out the material to be examined in the paper,

(5) a Discussion and Analysis section (including the excel table of adjustment), multiple pictures could be displayed within one page for the concern of page limit,

(6) a Conclusions section, and (7) a Works Cited section, listing all secondary sources consulted in preparing the report.

Menu planning & engineering | Education homework help

Create one menu trend OR menu concept and fully discuss and analyse it in light of

the relevant theories.

The structure of evaluating the project:

1- Create menus according to one type of restaurant, simple menu design Ideas and

menu style (type of restaurant – cuisine – menu design – menu style) . (45%)

2- Use menu design, sequence, types of menus, selecting menu Items, elements of Menu Copy, menu Layout, focal points, consideration when writing, designing a menu and follow menu strategy and technique.(45%)

3- Mention aspects of menu marketing and sales and who are the target group (in answer box)? (10%)

NOTE: You are expected to design an original menu and avoid using an existing menu or copying the menu of another project.