Discussion post (please do the assignment as a discussion post and

Assignment Instructions:

Part 1: Solution-Focused Therapy

Answer the following prompts:

  • Part 1a: Provide a brief overview of solution-focused therapy.
  • Part 1b: Describe one (1) technique that is unique to solution-focused therapy.
  • Part 1c: Describe one (1) client need that you think (based on learning amassed to-date) could be addressed by solution-focused therapy. Please come up with an original example – not a duplicated or paraphrased example from textbook content, module content, assigned readings, etc.

Part 2: Narrative Therapy

Review the following document: Eating Disorder NarrativePreview the document.

Then, describe how the client (client in the narrative) does the following:  

  • Part 2a: Externalizes the problem.
  • Part 2b: Maps the problem.
  • Part 2c: Deconstructs the situation.
  • Part 2d: Re-authors the story.

Part 3: Respond to at least one (1) classmate’s posting.

  • Respond, at minimum, to either part 1 or part 2 of the classmate’s post.
  • If you so choose, you may respond to both parts 1 and 2 of your classmate’s post.
  • For example, you can indicate, “Hi Vivian, I’m responding to part 1 of your post. I found it interesting that you indicated…“.


In-Text Citations and References:

  • Please use APA guidelines for the reference(s) used and for in-text citations, paraphrased material, videos, etc. (*even for discussion postings*).
  • If APA citations are missing from your discussion posting, this omission will be deducted from the grade you earn.
  • Part of graduate-level writing includes using *and* referencing textbooks, journals, handouts, videos, etc. in your written work, and formatting these references according to APA guidelines.

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