Final project (qualitative methods) | Social Science homework help

Methods manuscript should meet the standard of the methods chapter in the thesis or as a publishable methods manuscript. Each student will write a 20-30 page research report. The paper should include:

Topic: “THE  EVOLUTION OF THE ART INDUSTRY(music,film,radio,television) IN AFRICA”

• an introduction to the communication topic being examined (to include a discussion of the author’s investment in the topic)

• a review of the literature (using a minimum of ten scholarly articles)

• stated research question(s)

• explanation and justification for the method and data collection

• analysis of results • conclusion (to include a discussion of implication, limitations, and future research)

• A reference page will accompany the final paper and will be in APA format

(Use the info on the POWER POINT to make this project,also,add more slides if u fell u need it.) And don’t Forget to do an OUTLINE PLEASE.

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