Health effects on media | English homework help


In recent weeks, we have discussed the many ways media can affect the health of kids and teens. Topics have included mental health; nutrition, weight, and body image; substance abuse; and sexuality. For this essay, please choose one specific health issue to discuss within the context of kids and media use. You may choose to expand upon the discussion board post you made on this subject, or choose another, as long as it is relevant to the course.

The main purpose of this essay should be to answer the question: Does research show a likelihood that media use will have a positive or negative effect on your chosen health issue? 

It may help to narrow your focus to one type of media (for example, the relationship between TV watching and body weight, or the relationship between social media use and mental health), but a more general discussion of how media use affects your chosen health issue is also fine.

Your essay should conform (the the best of your abilities) to APA formatting. It should have a clear introduction, thesis statement, main points supported by evidence that back up your thesis statement, and a conclusion. It should also include a properly formatted references page. It should also be 3 pages in length. 

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