Module 05 written assignment – case study


Read the following case and answer the questions that follow in 1-2 pages:
Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Casino, courtesy of Harvard Business School Publishing.

How effective do you feel leadership was in rolling out the new vision and mission statement? Explain your response.
What would you change or keep?How can leadership measure the success of the new vision and mission statement?
How should the leadership ensure the vision and mission are kept alive and fresh? Give specific examples.

Submit your completed assignment to the drop box below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. (Mac users, please remember to append the “.docx” extension to the filename.) The name of the file should be your first initial and last name, followed by an underscore and the name of the assignment, and an underscore and the date. An example is shown below:


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