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 I’m working on a Philosophy discussion question and need a sample draft to help me study.


1. In a concise—1-page—yet nevertheless coherent and well-structured essay, respond to the following prompt:

Which of the five individually plausible and jointly incompatible assumptions that Rea claims lead to the problem of material constitution do you reject, and why? Come up with your own example to make your case for rejecting this particular assumption.

2. DO NOT use any outside sources. There is no need to use outside sources on a paper of this kind. I know the language of the text and of the discussion in lecture. If you use outside sources, it will be immediately obvious to me. Use only your brain, the text and your notes.

3. The essays should be presented in a page, that is, in about 300-400 words.

4. Please read through all articles and notes that I have uploaded and try your best to work on this assignment.

 The prompt is listed in the first bullet point with bold word. And please do not cite other readings, because last time I lose point on this. 

 Please read the readings and notes, then write the discussion essay. Thanks!???? 

 Please take a look these posts that some of my classmates wrote. 

No Plagiarism

Need in 4 hours

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