Phramcy reflection | Pharmacology homework help

We would like you to reflect on the material presented and begin to think about how the information conveyed so far in this class has/can inform your own personal health as well as your career direction.  

Your reflection should discuss a minimum of three topics from class and how each topic broadened your understanding of pharmaceuticals, health care, and the role of the pharmacist in the community you live in.  You should also discuss how you will use this information in your day-to-day life and to what extent the information discussed so far has impacted your thoughts about your career.

In addition to reflecting on how the course material affects your life, either professionally or personally, please provide constructive feedback about the course so far. What aspects have worked well (or not) to enhance your learning? What are some recommendations you would suggest in order to improve this course in the second half of the quarter? Read the files that I upload and write a 500 words reflection about those three topics.

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