Practicing career opportunities // communication management

Practicing Career Opportunities

Open website ( , then Search Keyword “Entry Level” or “Mid-Level”(if you are already working and after graduation want better job), you will find job opening listed, go to the any desire job listed  

Open link & carefully Read the job Advertisement and Answer the following question for applying the job.


    Assignment Question(s):

The necessary steps for this assignment; Without it, you will lose the entire grade of this assignment

First students will take a screenshot of their desire job opening and include it at the beginning of answering the question

– Screenshot of your desire/Suitable job 

Question 1. 

Write a Job Application letter as per your desire or suitable for you, listed in website 

 (word limit   max. 400 words, please refer book pg no.399 )  

Question 2

Prepare Both “(a)Chronological Resume and (b) Functional Resume” as per company requirement. 

 (word limit-  min. 1 pg long each & Please refer book pg no. 406-407)

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