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10 points: response is submitted, but it is incomplete or does not address all aspects of the prompt.

11-15 points: response addresses all aspects of the prompt, but it is difficult to understand, contains errors, or addresses each aspect of the prompt only superficially (i.e. does not demonstrate any significant thoughtfulness or engagement with the course reading).

15-20 points: response addresses all aspects of the prompt,  is accurate and easy to understand, and includes thoughtful observations and evidence of genuine intellectual engagement with the course reading (i.e. makes original observations about, draws attention to an important aspect of, and/or raises a meaningful question about some aspect of the course reading).

In your short response (approximately 200-250 words) to each course reading, you should include the following:

1. A 3-sentence summary of the course reading. The summary should be accurate, clear, and written so that someone unfamiliar with the reading could understand (in general) what the reading describes. 

2. A description and discussion (you can include direct quotations from the reading if needed) of 1 particular moment, example, quotation, or idea presented in the reading that interests (or surprises) you, and an explanation of why it interests (or surprises) you.

3. A question raised by the reading or a connection of the reading with another course reading, multimodal object (such as a work of art, television show, youtube video, photograph, etc.), or news story/piece of journalism.

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