Research report on software engineering and data verification

Detailed Research report on “Software Engineering and Data Verification” as per APA format. Please see the guidelines below and also the attachment.

 Chapter 1 – Background/Introduction, Problem Statement(s), Goal(s), Research Question(s), Relevance and Significance, Barriers and Issues related to topic chosen.

Chapter 2 – Literature Review

Chapter 3 – Methodology – Research Methods Employed

Chapter 4 – Findings , Analysis , Results

Chapter 5 – Results, conclusion, and future work recommendations.

1) Chapter 1 – Introduction

2) Chapter 2 – Literature Review

3) Chapter 3 – Methodology Specifics (comparative analysis)

4) Chapter 4 – Findings and Results

5) Chapter 5 – Conclusion and Future Recommendations

6) References – APA

7) Appendices

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