Short 150-200 words writing about plastic pollution

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest issues facing the world, and especially the oceans.  Almost all marine species are impacted by plastic pollution but seabirds are especially vulnerable because they fly – the added weight of plastics in their guts can make it increasingly difficult to do what they need to survive.  

For this discussion post, please follow the steps below.

1. The Plastic Problem

Watch this video by the United Nations that summarizes the issues caused by plastics to seabirds:

2. Plastic Solutions (6 pts)

Please find one (1) example of how impacts of plastic are being reduced. This may include:

  • Removing existing plastics from the environment
  • Reducing use of plastics
  • Creating alternatives to plastic
  • And beyond…

In your post, tell us about your example in approximately 100 words. Be sure to:

  1. Document the source of your information, including a link
  2. Include an image if applicable

3. Your Plastic Pledge (4 pts)

Now in a sentence or two, tell us one way YOU could reduce the use of plastic in your own life! 

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