Statics ( math) | Statistics homework help



Once the researcher has developed the problem statement, selected a research method design, and gathered/collected the data, it is now time to analyze the data. You should be able to perform some basic statistical functions to explain what the research findings mean. For the most part, these statistics will be calculated by using packages such as SPSS, G-Power, Minitab, Excel, Stata, and Matlab.

This worksheet will provide you the opportunity to work with some of the following statistical categories, i.e. levels of measurement, measures of central tendencies, and crime rate calculations.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Your cover page must include specific elements and correctly formatted running head for full credit.
  • Complete the worksheet and show your work where required to demonstrate how you got your answers.
  • You can type or write answers. If you write them, it MUST be legible to obtain credit.
  • Bonus points will be provided if you use any formula symbols and equations.
  • After completion upload as ONE document. Do not upload a separate coverpage.

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